Open a cmd window from any folder in Windows Explorer

Here’s a useful little registry addition that will add an option to the right-click menu in Windows Explorer to allow you to open a cmd window at that folder. Really handy.

Copy and paste the following into a text file and call it command.reg (or anything you like as long as it has the .reg extension). If you wish to change the name of the menu entry then change the wording between the quotes in this line: @=”Command Window Here”. for example, you could change it to @=”Open cmd here”.

Now simply double click the file. You will get a warning about adding the information to the registry, click ‘Yes’ if you are happy to do so.

@="Command Window Here"
@="cmd.exe /k \"cd %L\""

<!-nextpage->DISCLAIMER: This registry addition has been tested with Windows XP only. It will probably work with other Windows versions but has not been tested. As usual, if are making changes to the registry, please make sure you have a backup. I cannot be responsible for you trashing your registry. If you are not comfortable making changes to your registry then please don’t.

Close All Forms in an Application in a Thread-Safe Manner

Whilst googling  for some information on C# threading in a Windows GUI environment, I came across this code for closing all forms – very useful. This is something I’ll tuck away until I need it, many thanks:

Great Firefox Add-on: Tree Style Tab

I stumbled across a great Firefox add-on/extension (whatever they are called these days!) .. it’s called Tree Style Tab. It shows the tabs in a tree down the left or right hand side, incredibly useful when you have loads of tabs open, it really helps to see which tabs are related and how you got to your current tab. A few nice options too, checkout the auto hide option with it’s transparent background and when the panel hides it doesn’t have to hide completely, it can just be smaller! cool.

Tree Style Tab plugin on moxilla

tree style tab image

Stop websites resizing Firefox window

Personally I find it a little annoying when websites resize my Firefox browser window, particularly when the website has a fixed width anyway! .. so I went looking for the option to stop this happening. It’s dead simple, just follow the instructions below and you too will have total control over the size of your browser window:

  1. Go to Tools > Options  (Edit > Preferences for Mac and Linux users)
  2. Select the Content tab
  3. Click the Advanced button next to Enable Javascript
  4. Untick “Move or resize existing windows”
  5. Click OK, then OK again.

That’s all there is to it.

New version (0.9.1) aLoS Random Images plugin

I have made a few changes to my aLoS Random Images plugin. Version 0.9.1 is available for download. The main changes are improvements to the styling and more styling options available through the admin panel. See the documentation and version history on the plugin page for more details.

WordPress 2.7 Coltrane

aLoS [] has now been updated to WordPress 2.7 ‘Coltrane’. The new admin panel looks really good and first impressions are that it is intuitive and easy to navigate, I’m looking forward to exploring. Take a look at the WordPress blog for more information.

40 Tips for optimizing your php code

Whilst searching for some information on writing efficient PHP code I came across the article 40 Tips for optimizing your php code (thanks for a great article.)  Some of the optimizations I had heard about, and I can’t vouch for the accuracy of it’s content, but it certainly looks very interesting and worthy of further investigation and it seems as though there are only a few comments that disagree with just a couple of the suggested optimizations.

EeePC text editor

It is strange there isn’t an option in the EeePC file manager to create a new file so how do you create one? It’s easy enough with the installed text editor kwrite, which can be started up from a terminal window (Ctrl + Alt + T) by simply typing ‘kwrite’. Within kwrite you can then save your new file where you like. If you need to edit a file that requires root permissions then you can use ‘sudo kwrite filename’.

The good old reliable text editor vi is also available in the shape of vim, type ‘man vim’ from a console window for more info.

Drag tabs between windows in Firefox

I made a discovery today – I have been using two Firefox windows for a while now (so that, for example, I can have google docs open in one window on one screen, and some websites I’m browsing in another window on my other screen) and today I had a website open in one window that I wanted on the other, and I thought “hey, I wonder if you can just drag a tab from from window to another?” … and you can! You can also hold down the Ctrl key to duplicate the tab instead of moving it… and you can use the same technique to duplicate tabs in the same window. What a handy feature!

WordPress widget – random images

I have created a wordpress widget to add random images to a sidebar. The main features are:

  • Choose the number of images to display
  • Adjust the size of the images
  • Link the images to a url globally or individually *
  • Open the link in the same or new window
  • Display image descriptions *
  • Style the block the images are displayed within

See the aLoS Random Images widget page for more details.