EeePC Advanced Mode

The EeePC starts up in a simple interface (Easy Mode) to make it easy to use and access the installed applications, but you can change this and get a regular Linux desktop which Asus call ‘Advanced Mode’ or ‘Full Desktop Mode’. A couple of programs need to be installed to access Advanced Mode, as described below, make sure you answer Y when asked if you want to install them:

(this applies to the EeePC 701 4GB version and is untested on anything else)

  1. Open a console window (CTRL-ALT-T)
  2. sudo bash
  3. apt-get update
  4. apt-get install ksmserver kicker
  5. Restart – it will restart into Easy Mode

When you shut down your EeePC you will now have an extra option to switch to Full Desktop…

EeePC Shutdown Screen

Selecting Full Destop will restart your EeePC in Advanced Mode.

Next time you start your EeePC, however, it will revert back to Easy Mode. You can change that in Settings > Personalization by changing the Login Mode to Full desktop mode.

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