Formatting external USB drive to FAT32

I have bought a 160GB Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini for use with my, as yet undelivered, Asus EeePC 701 (4GB, black) and I wanted to format it as FAT32. As I dont have the EeePC yet I tried this under Windows XP and was puzzled why I only had the option to format to NTFS. A quick search around the net and I find that aside from the initial install XP will not format a drive as FAT32 that is larger than 32GB!… how strange!… so what I need is a little utility and after another search I find myself at with a recommendation for SwissKnife v3. Initially this software crashed whenever I clicked on the USB drive because I don’t think it liked the fact that there was an empty primary partition on it (previously created in XP) so I went back into Computer Management in XP and formatted it to NTSF… and then SwissKnife recognised it and started formatting the drive to FAT32. Once it had finished I was a bit puzzled initially because it was still showing up as NTFS in Windows Explorer but I unplugged it and re-connected it and all was fine after that. I think it might have been easier to wait and format it with the EeePC! :-)

Why FAT32?
I want to use an EeePC, external drive and CF card reader combination as an ‘on location’ backup for my photographs taken with my digital camera. I figured that FAT32 would be better for my purposes as NTFS write support seems a little inconsistent. As this is a backup situation ‘playing safe’ seems the best policy rather than finding I cannot read the files on my Windows PC due to them not being written correctly with my EeePC.

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