Trackback and Ping

I’ve not really understood trackback and ping / pingback (or rather not actually looked them up) so I thought it was about time. A quick search on the net gets finds loads of references but I thought this WordPress Trackback Tutorial (many thanks) explained things rather well.

WordPress 2.6 released

WordPress 2.6 has been released. It has a number of new features such as wiki-like tracking of edits, Gears support and theme previews, an 194 bugs from v2.5. You’ll find details and a list of features on the WordPress Development blog. I’ll be keeping an eye on any discussion about installation problems and upgrading shortly if all is ok.

Firefox Add-ons

One of the great things about Firefox is the ability to add Extensions or Add-ons as they are now called. The most recent Add-on I have installed is QuickRestart to enable me to restart Firefox easily and have all the same web pages load up in the tabs again. This is not something I want to happen every time I start Firefox normally but just when I have a need to restart, perhaps due to a problem.

Foxmarks is probably my favourite Add-on. It sits quietly in the background and synchronizes my bookmarks with a central server so wherever I am I can either access the Foxmarks web site and get access to my bookmarks or, as is more often the case, I will have all my bookmarks available to me on my other PCs wherever I have Firefox and Foxmarks installed.

Here is a complete list of the Add-ons I have installed at the moment:

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Firefox 3 address bar go button missing

If you have come to Firefox v3 from v2 or from IE then you may be missing the persistant ‘go’ button or arrow in the address bar. Don’t worry, it has not gone for good, there are a couple of ways to restore it:

  1. Follow some instructions to edit the userChrome.css file in your current Firefox profie
  2. If you don’t fancy editing a file the little Firefox Add-on called Show Go! will do it for you