Drag tabs between windows in Firefox

I made a discovery today – I have been using two Firefox windows for a while now (so that, for example, I can have google docs open in one window on one screen, and some websites I’m browsing in another window on my other screen) and today I had a website open in one window that I wanted on the other, and I thought “hey, I wonder if you can just drag a tab from from window to another?” … and you can! You can also hold down the Ctrl key to duplicate the tab instead of moving it… and you can use the same technique to duplicate tabs in the same window. What a handy feature!

WordPress widget – random images

I have created a wordpress widget to add random images to a sidebar. The main features are:

  • Choose the number of images to display
  • Adjust the size of the images
  • Link the images to a url globally or individually *
  • Open the link in the same or new window
  • Display image descriptions *
  • Style the block the images are displayed within

See the aLoS Random Images widget page for more details.