Firefox Add-ons

One of the great things about Firefox is the ability to add Extensions or Add-ons as they are now called. The most recent Add-on I have installed is QuickRestart to enable me to restart Firefox easily and have all the same web pages load up in the tabs again. This is not something I want to happen every time I start Firefox normally but just when I have a need to restart, perhaps due to a problem.

Foxmarks is probably my favourite Add-on. It sits quietly in the background and synchronizes my bookmarks with a central server so wherever I am I can either access the Foxmarks web site and get access to my bookmarks or, as is more often the case, I will have all my bookmarks available to me on my other PCs wherever I have Firefox and Foxmarks installed.

Here is a complete list of the Add-ons I have installed at the moment:

  • QuickRestart – restart Firefox easily and get all your tabs back.
  • British English Dictionary – on the fly spell checking on web forms, like the wordpress form I am typing in now
  • Feed Sidebar – RSS feeds in a sidebar, not really used much at the moment
  • Firebug - this and Web Developer get used constantly. As a web developer I find then indispensable.
  • Web Developer
  • Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer - superb, see above.
  • IE Tab – use the IE engine to display your web page to see how bad it’s going to look in a non standards compliant browser ;-)
  • PDF Download - ever clicked a link to find it’s a PDF and your browser takes an age to load acrobat? well this will interupt the process and give you options to save the PDF or open it etc.
  • Tab Mix Plus – gain a bit more control over the Firefoc tabs, I like mine at the botton for example

To add one of the above Add-ons, or any of the thousands available, you can, from within Firefox, click on Tools > Add-ons and click the Get Add-ons icon in the top left corner, or you can simply go straight to the Firefox Add-ons page and browse or search.

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