Open a cmd window from any folder in Windows Explorer

Here’s a useful little registry addition that will add an option to the right-click menu in Windows Explorer to allow you to open a cmd window at that folder. Really handy.

Copy and paste the following into a text file and call it command.reg (or anything you like as long as it has the .reg extension). If you wish to change the name of the menu entry then change the wording between the quotes in this line: @=”Command Window Here”. for example, you could change it to @=”Open cmd here”.

Now simply double click the file. You will get a warning about adding the information to the registry, click ‘Yes’ if you are happy to do so.

@="Command Window Here"
@="cmd.exe /k \"cd %L\""

<!-nextpage->DISCLAIMER: This registry addition has been tested with Windows XP only. It will probably work with other Windows versions but has not been tested. As usual, if are making changes to the registry, please make sure you have a backup. I cannot be responsible for you trashing your registry. If you are not comfortable making changes to your registry then please don’t.

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